• Júlia Teodosio Vieira Centro Universitário Brazcubas
  • Mariana Valadares Macêdo Santana Centro Universitário Brazcubas
  • Valdir de Aquino Lemos Centro Universitário Brazcubas
  • Luís Sérgio Sardinha Centro Universitário Brazcubas
Palavras-chave: Abuso Sexual, Mulheres, Impacto Psicológico, Gênero


gênero, pelo poder do homem sobre o corpo da mulher e as relações entre o feminino e masculino, e entende-se que se faça necessário políticas públicas mais seguras e confiáveis para a proteção da mulher em seus diferentes contextos sociais.

Palavras Chave: Abuso Sexual; Mulheres; Impacto Psicológico; Gênero.

Sexual abuse is a fact that occurs with countless women and, as not consented, becomes a traumatic fact for their lives, bringing social and sexual problems in future relationships. Abuse is recurrently committed by aggressors close to the victims, from less bonded people or their partner. The abuser represses her through insults, causing her to develop low self-esteem, depression, social isolation and problems related to sexuality. Many women who experience sexual abuse do not have the support of their families, because society still believes that women are guilty of suffering this type of violence, either for short, low-cut clothes or striking makeup that can attract male attention. Thus, the aim of the present study is to describe and discuss about women victims of sexual abuse and possible psychological problems in future relationships. For this study we used 95 scientific articles, 23 books and 3 master's theses that defend this theme, dated from 1979 to 2019. The scientific articles used to compose this work are based on the site: Scielo, VHL and USP Digital Library. Using search words, "sexual abuse", "women", "psychological impact" and "gender". The results of this paper show that when women are sexually abused in childhood or adolescence they can trigger psychological problems as well as interference with their affective relationships, bring about sexual problems, loss of trust in their partner, and also develop depression, which together with them can lead to emotional problems that can greatly interfere with a woman's adult life cycle. Based on the results of the present study, it is concluded that women victims of sexual abuse may present psychological problems in relationships. Most cases of sexual abuse are caused by the existence of gender differences, the power of men over women's bodies and the relationships between the female and male, and it is understood that safer and more reliable public policies are needed to the protection of women in their different social contexts.
Keywords: Sexual Abuse; Women; Psychological impact; Genre.

Biografia do Autor

{$author}, Centro Universitário Brazcubas

Bacharel em Psicologia pela Universidade Braz Cubas..

{$author}, Centro Universitário Brazcubas

Psicóloga graduada pela Universidade Federal de Sergipe. Mestre em Psicologia Social pela mesma universidade com período de mobilidade na Universidade de São Paulo.

{$author}, Centro Universitário Brazcubas

Doutorado em Psicobiologia pela Universidade Federal de São Paulo, Brasil (2016). Pesquisador do Comite Paraolimpico Brasileiro. Docente do curso de Psicologia do Centro Universitario Brazcubas – Mogi das Cruzes. 

{$author}, Centro Universitário Brazcubas

Doutorado em Psicologia Escolar e do Desenvolvimento Humano pela Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil(2011). Coordenador e Docente do curso de Psicologia do Centro Universitário BrazCubas – Mogi das Cruzes. Docente junto à Universidade do Grande ABC, UniABC, Santo André. 



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